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My Custom Super Sentai Girls in Uniform Figures and My Custom Jetman Figures

Updated May 31st, 2010


These are my custom Girls in Uniform figures.  I made all of these from doubles.

 As you can probably tell I like Jetman, but so far they haven't released any of the Jetman girls in the Girls in Uniform series! So, with doubles of figures I had lying around, I made some!!! From left to right: Kaori/ WhiteSwan, Ako/ BlueSwallow, Chokan, Maria, Shima, Rie, and Sailor Moon!  Here they are:

Here's how I made them:
Kaori - Raidiata Fanbelt's head and body.
Ako -   Urara's head and Radiata  Fanbelt's body.
Chokan - Radiata Fanbelt's head and Urara's body.
Maria - Farrah Cat's head and body.  Her ponytail and bow are from a live action Sailor Jupiter figure and her accessories were made from sculpey.
Shima (from Changeman) Kimera's head and body.
Rie - Sara's head and Colon's body.
Sailor Moon - Colon's head and Sara's body with live action Sailor Mars gashapon's bows. Hair made from sculpey.

And now:

My latest Girls in Uniform custom is my most frightening and terrifying custom ever!!!!!! Brace yourself for the scariest Japanese Super Heroine ever!!!!!!!!!!


In all seriousness, I have no idea what compelled me to make a Miss America figure out of my extra Hedorian figure.  I have never even watched a single episode of Battle Fever J, but something just told me to make it.  Yes I made it extra creepy on purpose because I have always thought Miss America looked creepy. No offense to Battle Fever J fans of course!

These are my custom BlueSwallow and WhiteSwan from Jetman figures.  I made them using two of the Power Rangers RPM Yellow Ranger figures.

Next time I'll take a picture without the flash (noticeable on BlueSwallow only).

Before and after pic. I scraped off the tires on the helmet and the seatbelt looking things on the actual figures. The seatbelts were easier to scrape off on the girl figures than the guy figures. The material on theirs' seemed softer than on the guy ones.

My custom Black Condor and Yellow Owl! I used an RPM Red for Gai and a Super Legends Gold Ranger for Raita. I thought that one looked thick enough to look a little fat without looking as ripped as the RPM ones.
The Gold Ranger's boots, glove toppers, and helmet pattern came off a lot easier than I thought they would. The material was more rubbery than plastic on the gloves and boots and the helmet took shape to the owl nicely.

Comparison picture of what the figure looked like before I turned it into Gai.  (The RPM Red figure would soon become Red Hawk ^_^) Like the girl figures, I scraped the wheels, seat belts, and glove and boot toppers off.  The helmet I scraped down just a tad so I could keep the condor beak sticking out (the others' beaks all have definition too) and the belt was shaped too.

All five of my Jetman customs on my shelf.

My latest custom is Gurei!!!
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